Covenant originally started in the fall of 2005. The original members were part of our church traveling P&W team. A few months into the traveling team, we knew we had something special. The anointing we felt was much different thatn what we were used to. Our calling became aparent that our music was going to be a stronger, more driving rock sound. So, we set out to do what God had called us to do.‚Äč

We sat down and tried to decide on a band name. We had chosen to make a commitment to God and give back what He had given us. Jesus already made a covenant with us, so in return, we wanted to commit our lives and all our gifts and talents back to Him. Based on Matthew 26:28, we decided to call ourselves, Covenant. A constant reminder of our commitment to God. We knew instantly that our music would be much more than just P&W. We felt the calling to write our own original songs. Even though our music will always be worship driven, our songs were going to tell a message. We were setting out to tell the world about Jesus with the music that He had given us, with the talents and gifts He had blessed us with. 

December 2005, we had our first 'gig' and knew from the minute we started, that THIS was definiltey what we were called to do. Since then, our lives have completely changed. To date, most of the songs we play are originals. God has blessed us with the gifts to write our own music, but more importantly, to share His story with the world. He has give us a ministry family that is very rare and unique, and we don't take it for granted. We are very thankful to be part of His kingdom, and to be able to share Him with the world and bring MORE people into His kingdom. 

our story....